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Gift, Packs & Sets

Make your start kit for a natural cleaning free of plastics and chemicals
Find a perfect and unique gift for that special occasion

We always provide it natural

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Zero Waste Cleaning Supplies And Refilling Station

Mimbre Organikus Drogéria is a zero-waste shop in Budapest, focused on selling Hungarian and European household supplies and toiletries. We are a refilling station for a wide range of products for your home, bathroom and also babies, plants and pets. Mimbre products are elaborated by local makers and family-run businesses  through eco-friendly and traditional practices.

Our products are: natural, organic, plastic-free, vengan, cruelty-free, handmade, made in the EU, made in Hungary, halal, palm oil-free, 

You can find products such as: solid shampoos, solid conditioners, solid deodorants, showergel, essential oils, aromatic waters(flower waters), perfumes, body butters, face creams, hemp seed oil, Marseille soap, traditional Hungarian soap, soaps/shampoo for dogs, razors, liners, sanitary pads, washable nappies, baby soap, baby detergent, marine sponges, hair brushes, kitchen accessories, home accessories, home textiles,  bio detergent, clothesofterner, products for home cleaning, handmade ceramics, menstrual cups, vinegar, toilet paper, napkins, tissues, kitchen towels, face masks, brushes, toothbrushes, plant conditioner, stainless steel bottles, soap holders, laundry ingredients, 

We also offer eco-friendly delivery, delivery by bicycle

We want to perpetuate the use of handmade organic products and natural recipes.
In Mimbre we are concerned about the place of origin of the products that we offer you. We try to find the best quality in the nearest local makers, providing you unique products that have been produced in many cases for generations in small family business.

#reusethepast #makeitlast

Who Are Behind Our Products?

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