Intimate Set, for Her

*for a vegan alternative please contact us.
The set can also be made with only pads or only menstrual cup.

Menstrual Set

– 1 pack of washable menstrual pads 100% organic cotton (S, M & L) (7pcs)
– 1 menstrual OrganiCup (S / M / L)
– 1 container for sterilizing the menstrual cup (gift)
– 1 box of wet wipes for cleaning menstrual cups “on the go” (10pcs)
– 1 stain remover soap Marseille Soap from Le Serail
– 1 canvas bag with organic pattern, cotton (25×25 cm)


Wet wipes for your menstrual cup on-the-go. Contains 10 wipes, made from organic cotton.

Organic Menstrual Cup B (Large) 2×1 Promotion

For those who have given birth vaginally or need a larger size.

Organic Menstrual Cup A (Medium) 2×1 Promotion

For those who haven’t given birth vaginally.

Organic Menstrual Cup MINI (Small) 2×1 Promotion

For teens or those who need a smaller size.

Diameter – 37mm