Mimbre is born from the passion for the old school household and toiletries. It is  a personal dream that came true during the devastating time of international lock-down. It reflects a personal way to see the world, to create an own world with your own hands.

Keeping our homes and ourselves clean never meant before to harm the environment and the animals in such a way like it is happening today. Nowadays the industry of cosmetics and household supplies are toxic and damaging, both for us and the Earth.

In Mimbre we are committed to provide our customers selected products for household and personal care from the nearest places possible in Hungary and Europe, checking their ingredients and process of elaboration. In our store you will only find products which do not harm the environment and for which animals have not been tested or exploited. We want to provide low-waste and organic products in affordable prices to a diverse audience.

We support small family businesses and new local makers. In a society where the business models becomes everyday more corporative, we strongly believe that the customer experience from a neighborhood small shop will never be replaced.

Zero-Waste means not only to change from plastic to wooden products, but to change the way we consume, to buy only what we really need, to reuse what we have, to retrieve old practices, to rethink, to remake.