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How does the refilling work with online orders?

In Mimbre we try to offer most of our cleaning and cosmetic products in refillable format. We mention in every product which is refillable the possible typology of the bottle, in most cases in recycled and sterilized glass or plastic bottle, and also in new brown glass jars.

Do I get a refund for giving back the bottles of a previous order to the courier?

In case of eco-friendly delivery by bicycle, customers can give back jars and bottles from previous orders in exchange of 30 HUF each.

How quick is the delivery in the EU zone?

Our orders outside Hungary generally take from 4 to 10 days, depending on the destination country, holidays, etc.

Can I ask products to be packaged as gifts?

Reply to your order confirmation or contact us by email to mimbrebudapest@gmail.com and we will prepare your desired products with a zero-waste organic packaging.

Is it possible to order on the phone or by chat and pay in cash or by card in-store pick up?

Yes, absolutely. We will take your call during our opening hours and prepare your order, you will be able to pay by card, transfer or cash once you come to our store to pick it up.