350ml mini stainless steel bottle


Are you one of those who do not stop? One of those who squeeze life to the fullest?

Will you need to hydrate? Then…

Keep enjoying, drink a lot and, above all, take care of your surroundings!

BANBU, is our off-road bottle par excellence. It is light and comfortable with a capacity of 350ml, made of stainless steel and a single layer.

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Are you one of those who do not stop? One of those who squeeze life to the fullest?

Will you need to hydrate? Then…

Keep enjoying, drink a lot and, above all, take care of your surroundings!

So that you don’t stop and enjoy your favorite drinks wherever you are, in a healthier way for you and the environment, at Banbu we offer you our stainless steel bottles. A more sustainable, practical, durable, hygienic and much more stylish option than a plastic bottle. Or not? 😉

Our Banbu stainless steel bottles are designed for those who are aware of the harmful consequences that plastic containers have on health, and the tremendous environmental impact they have on the planet.

For you, who take care of yourself and the environment!

The Banbu stainless steel bottles are rounder . They are light , comfortable , thermal .

With a capacity of 350ml and they are made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel.

Its screw cap , also made of steel , incorporates a medical silicone band so that you do not have a single unexpected liquid leak. Not a drop escapes them!

In addition to the total sustainability that these bottles represent, their quality and careful aesthetics will enchant you!

All the pieces are made of top quality stainless steel , which makes them very resistant to shocks, scratches and wear, which will keep their shine, always. In addition, stainless steel is a totally hygienic and non-toxic material , much healthier than plastic and aluminum and, of course, 100% recyclable .

So you already know,

If plastic is not part of your life, or you want to contribute to its younger generation, go to steel and summarize the style!



Plastic or aluminum water bottles

In Spain 3.8 billion plastic bottles are consumed per year, an overwhelming figure. But, this is not just a matter of “concern” for the environment. Plastic bottles are not safe for health, and their reuse can contribute to the appearance of serious diseases, mainly related to hormonal alterations.

There are also doubts about the safety of the famous aluminum canteens that are used for the camps, whose use is very common for children. Aluminum is a material, the use of which is increasingly questioned every day. Although the migration of aluminum salts to food is low, it is increasingly common to see studies that link it to diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. VERY IMPORTANT! Avoid its use in ovens and long-term contact with acids and foods rich in salts.



18/8 stainless steel, medical silicone

Modo de empleo y vida util


Before its first use . Cleaning is recommended prior to its first use with soap and water.

Suitable for:

  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer

It is not microwave safe.

Maintenance . Clean with water and neutral soap periodically, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

Useful life. Do you know the expression “harder than steel” ? Well, that is almost indestructible.

If you take care of it and keep it clean of drink residues, they will last you a long time.




How could it be otherwise, according to our Zero Waste commitment , our entire range of Banbú bottles is presented in 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging . So that they always arrive in perfect condition!



You can dispose of the steel in a clean point.

The carton always in the blue container.

But remember; Before you throw, think, what if I give them a new life?

Whenever you can, reuse. 😉


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