Anti-aging Blemish Spot Therapy + Perfum Set


– Purple Violet (Floral) Vegan Perfume 100 ml
– Cambrian blue clay (mixed with jazmin and white clay) 40 gr
– Donkey Milk and Silk Extra Virgen Olive Oil

*golden gift paper bag is included*

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Cambrian Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask is formulated to reduce existing blemishes while deeply detoxifying the skin. It is best to follow with a moisturizer. For oily skin types we suggest following a blue clay treatment with our Blue Tansy Facial Oil. Put simply, clay is a topical detoxifying, rejuvenating, and strengthening agent. It extracts toxins and impurities from the skin while delivering much needed minerals to maintain smooth and fresh skin. No fillers – only pure skin softening botanicals and clay in this mask.
Cambrian Blue Clay: Cambrian Blue Clay is one of the rarest clays on earth and comes from salt lakes in Siberia. The color derives from iron, zinc and algae and is considered to be the most valuable and beneficial clay for your skin, even the most delicate and sensitive. Helps draw out impurities and with regular use will soften and improve the texture of your skin. It is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of blemished skin. It’s gentle detox action in drawing out excess oils can also be beneficial to acne prone skin and oily skin in general with the clay providing a very fine exfoliating effect. With a high saline content like other dead sea clays, this soap has excellent anti-wrinkle benefits and nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals. It has 5 times higher mineral content than the Dead Sea Mud. It also helps to reduce redness and puffiness on the surface of skin. The natural healing properties of blue clay help nourish the skin, reducing blemishes, acne and even reducing eczema. It is natural anti-inflammatory and helps to restore skins elasticity. Clay contains beneficial minerals – kaolin, calcium, phosphate, iron, magnesium, silver and zinc which help to regenerate the skin, maintain its youth and elasticity.
Jasmin Flowers: Long used for its health benefits as well as its lovely smell, jasmine has also been found to nourish skin, help even skin
tone, and protect skin from environmental stressors. Jasmine is rich in a variety of active chemical components that are beneficial to the skin. Because of its antioxidants, jasmine can help protect from environmental stressors. This can help give a youthful appearance to your skin. It is very effective in evening the tone of skin as well as reducing the appearance of age spots. Jasmine helps treat dry skin and provide natural moisture that won’t clog pores. Jasmine is perfect for those with finicky skin temperaments, as it’s non-irritating and nonsensitizing. It’s also great for dry, greasy, or sensitive skin, as it helps to balance all types without irritating. Jasmin helps to pick you up with its lovely scent as well as nourish your skin.
Natural Rosemary herb, Natural Lavender herb, Natural Jasmin herb
Use: Mix 0,5 –1 tbsp. with a few drops of water, until a nice paste is formed. Apply to face and let dry. Wash off. Please test on a small area if
you have sensitive skin to be sure it will work well for you.

The rich composition of Asine milk with high levels of protein, phospholipid and ceramides make it excellent for anti-aging, and treatment of wrinkles. It restructures and revives the face with great results. Recommended for dry skin, eczema, acne and psoriasis. Cold method of up to 35 degrees Celsius is used so as not to lose the milk constituents. Made with fresh donkey milk and Extra Virgin olive oil. While donkey milk may sound like an unlikely ingredient for skincare products, it is the milk that Cleopatra bathed in to maintain her beauty. Ideal for all skin types—including babies, children, and anyone with extremely sensitive skin. While all of our handmade soaps are chemical-free, we realize that some essential oils may still irritate individuals with sensitive skin, making this soap an ideal selection as it contains no essential oils. One of the many reasons Cleopatra turned to donkey milk is because of its anti-aging properties. This includes its ability to soften, smooth, tone, and moisturize. It is also full of essential vitamins that your skin requires to remain young and healthy. It also helps to slow and reverse fine lines caused by aging or facial expressions. Silk feeds your skin! Silk proteins have anti-aging properties, they moisturize, nourish and protect. Seracine protein binds easily with other proteins in skin and hair and has a tightening, anti-wrinkle effect. Silk has long been recognized as a premium ingredient in cosmetics and soaps. While making the lather more ‘silky’, these silk proteins and their 18 essential amino acids are also easily absorbed by your skin, helping it to maintain elasticity and suppleness. We use cruelty free Tussah Silk, a raw , wild crafted silk, and hydrolyze it, releasing the silk proteins.




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