“BANBU BESTIES” 4u Razor Blades


We present you “Banbu Besties” , a selection of our must haves in a special edition with which you will benefit from 10% .
Choose your favorites and enjoy the BANBU experience in style.
Made in EU
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What includes?


~ 4 razor blade kits. Choose between:

~ Normal leaves.

~ Sensitive skin leaves.


All our cosmetics receive the CEAA certificate, bio.inspecta and the BioVidaSana seal. Thus guaranteeing their quality and ecological composition. As well as the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certification.

Supporting a brand that creates new, unique and unrepeatable items with recycled materials taking into account people, sustainable and sustainable development … it is worth it.

We live in a reality in which all our decisions have an impact. What decisions are you going to make?

People like you change the world.




100% recyclable cardboard packaging, 100% kraft paper filling

recycled and recyclable, and 100% natural jute rope.




After each use, let it dry in a dry and ventilated place.


Useful life


Based on the frequency in which they are used.


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