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The time for disposable diapers is in the lurch, nowadays more and more people are realizing that an average child can produce as many as 1 ton of disposable diapers by the end of room cleanliness ! :SHE
So it’s no wonder that the eco-conscious parent easily falls in love with today’s world of modern washable diapers, as washable textile diapers are available in a wide range and type, which will delight both children and children with their modern design and easy-to-use colors and patterns. .
An accessory to Owaster washable diaper pads is this diaper booster, which you can use to turbocharge the mosquito set, for example, at night or if you have been away from home for a long time and are looking for bomb safety. But booster diapers come in handy even if your baby is a dwarf;). Like diaper inserts, boosters can be used as an extra filling in boat diapers, pocket diapers, woolen diapers or AIO diapers.
Make sure your baby starts life with a low ecological footprint from the first few months. If you are also interested in zero waste breastfeeding, check out our  washable bra pads as well.
You can surprise your girlfriend / family member who is interested in an eco-conscious lifestyle by visiting them, success is guaranteed 😉

Cleaning : usually at 40 ° C, occasionally at 60 ° C. After pissing, it is worth rinsing with cold water and you can wait for the big wash to dry. The easiest way for a breastfed baby is to “treat” the pelus-contaminated pelus inside with strong pressure with the shower rose and then rinse it out and wait for the big wash.
Mosipelus can also be stored wet, ie after rinsing, the pelusus wait in a bucket for 1-2 days to wash. Do not store them in the same water anymore, as bacteria will multiply in it. Wash in the washing machine together with other baby laundry that accumulates every 1-2 days, if the time is a little longer between two washes, change the water from it.

Tips for you : Keep a well-ventilated wicker lid or a laundry bag around your baby or in the bathroom to store used washable fabrics. Gently wash used washable diapers with other laundry, e.g. with underwear or baby items, so it is not necessary to start a separate wash for them.
Here you will find mesh shopping bags that also work very well as laundry bags. <3

S – 10*28 cm
M – 12*32 cm

Packaging: 1 pc

100% cotton, including yarn 😉
S and M sizes:
3 layers of good absorbent cotton terry

Environmental benefits:
A washable, durable alternative to disposable, disposable diapers
It has a long service life and can be reused countless times
No packaging

Brand: Owaster
Origin:  Hungary

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S, M


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