Cocoa Butter


It has a characteristic chocolate-scented and beige-vanilla-colored butter, which thoroughly degreases the skin even in small amounts and protects it from dehydration. It is recommended primarily for body care products.

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A portion of the filtered vegetable fat, cocoa powder, has been removed from the unrefined cocoa butter and is therefore of a brownish-beige hue of varying intensity. MM Gold natur cocoa butter can work well e.g. in the preparation of massage creams and lip balms, as the characteristic scent of cocoa and the wonderful effect of fatty acids are retained. Soap is recommended as superfat but only in small amounts.

The block shape is easy to use on the body surface.

It is important to know that cocoa butter is a vegetable fat taken from the food industry, and no “cosmetic” cocoa butter is produced in the world. It is often asked whether chocolate can be made from this cocoa butter. The soul of chocolate is good quality cocoa butter; Our 25 kg blocks are clearly food grade, the cosmetic GMP requirements are currently more stringent than the food industry. Nevertheless, MM Gold Natur cocoa butter has been marketed in Hungary as a premium cosmetic and cosmetic raw material.

Cocoa butter is an increasingly rare and valuable treasure, so beware of suspiciously cheap products.


APPLICATION: After sunbathing or after bathing, the block can be slid nicely on the still wet skin, then the gel can be massaged into the skin in circular motions. For other cosmetics, 5-25%, fairly hard fat with a melting point of about 38 degrees is enough, but never overheat it because it is easily cracked!

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Bottle type

Brown glass, Plastic( Recycled )


250ml, 500ml


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