Életvirág solid dishwasher with olive oil (225 gr)


Made with 72% extra virgin olive oil, fragrance- and color-free, Marseille-like soap with salt that is gentle on the skin and suitable for environmentally friendly washing.

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Why is it good for you?

Marseille-style soap with 72% extra virgin olive oil and salt. You can now wash it in a drip-free and environmentally friendly way. Vinegar rinsing is not necessary after use, just plenty of clean water. You can use it with a sponge, loofah, brush, cloth, any tool because it foams super with everything. From time to time, you may want to clean these tools with other cleaning agents.
It quickly removes greasy dirt, but is gentle on your hands. It is not only suitable for pots, but also for oily hands after installation. It is odorless and does not contain added dyes, it is completely natural, biodegradable, it does not burden the environment or the drain. It is available in a double cube block capable of the usual Life Flower toilet soaps, so it can be used for a very long time.

Release the plastic bottle dishwashing detergents too!

What is it made of?

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, salt

What else do you know?

Made with a traditional, warm process

Available wrapped in plastic-free, natural paper with a label.

The soap weighs 225 g +/- 10% and measures ~ 65x65x56mm

Palm oil free


100% degradable

Handmade product

Manufacturer: Életvirág, Made in Hungary.


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