FROGGY GreenGloves Bio Compostable Gloves (100 pcs)


Our compostable gloves are a product made of blends of natural compostable biopolymers.
In accordance with the European standard EN-13432. They are fully biodegradable and BIO copostable.
They do not contain polyethylene, an artificial polymer that decomposes for up to 400 years.
The decomposition of our disposable gloves under composting conditions takes about 5 days.
Biomass is a waste, which enriches the composter with microelements.

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Product details:

Size: L.

White color

material: blend of natural biopolymers

operating temperature max 40 degrees C.

manufactured in accordance with EN 13432

gloves packed in an ecological cardboard box with a pulling hole

gloves, after use should be thrown in the bin for bio waste


Manufacturer: Green Tree, Made in Poland


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