Hyssop Essential Oil


Hyssopus officinalis essential oil
Can be used for:
-skin care: rosacea, treatment of scars cellulite
-colds, severe catarrhal cough
-relief, relief of lack of concentration.

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In case of respiratory infections, illnesses can be evaporated: drop 1-2 drops of hyssop essential oil into an aroma lamp or aroma diffuser. Its antiseptic effect works well with a mixture of lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree oils. Mixed with carrier oil, it can be used to make colds, and in case of bronchitis, a chest rub. It can be mixed into skin firming face creams, clay wraps, massage oils, body lotions. Treatment of scars: mix in carrier oil and then lubricate the scar surface three times a day. When mixed with a carrier oil, it massages the abdominal area and helps with bile function and the production of digestive enzymes, relieves bloating.


Hungrian product

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5ml, 10ml


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