Laurel Oil Lovely Cream with Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


Soothing, regenerating lotion for dry, sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory with laurel oil, nourishing panthenol and bisabolol, and a drop of Roman chamomile essential oil. Easy and fast absorbing “nice” cream that makes the skin soft and velvety. Its gentle ingredients allow it to nourish the skin of the youngest. Over the age of one, it can be used occasionally for problems such as dry skin reminiscent of cold eczema, or for reddening of the skin caused by clothing or diapers. Be sure to see a specialist for chronic skin problems! The scent is very mild, almost neutral, just feeling chamomile at the time of anointing.
Available in a 60ml glass jar.

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Why is it good for you?
The main ingredient is vegetable oil obtained from laurel meat, recognized for its cleansing and regenerating effect in skin care. It has a scarring, astringent and antioxidant effect. Contains nourishing, single and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It can be a great help in the care of irritated, eczematous, psoriatic skin, as well as it can improve the condition of acne and problem skin. It is useful in caring for damaged, atopic, dry, and even infected, fungal skin.

The other oil ingredient in the cream is MCT oil, which is coconut oil made up exclusively of medium chain fatty acids. It is a very valuable oil with an excellent skin care effect, it is absorbed with lightning speed and nourishes the skin.

An additional strength of the cream is the presence of the maximum amount of panthenol, a precursor to vitamin B, which, once in contact with the skin, is rapidly converted to pantothenic acid, which plays an important role in the activity of cells and tissues. With it, we can promote wound healing, accelerate skin regeneration, in addition to improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation.

Contains soothing chamomile oil extract (bisabolol). A special essence of the chamomile flower that concentrates the most important healing effects of the queen of herbs. It reduces irritation, inflammation, allergic redness, but even has microbicidal properties. Bisabolol also helps to deliver certain molecules to the deeper layers of the skin, so it also supports the absorption of other active ingredients. It is effective in healing inflamed, eczematous, acne prone skin. Also suitable for babies and sensitive skin. An excellent antioxidant, it naturally strengthens the skin’s protection against harmful environmental effects.

Roman chamomile, which can be used in children and has a soothing effect inside and out, contains minimal oil to give the cream a mild, warm, floral scent.

It is in a glass jar with a plastic top that can be reused.

What is it made of?
Ingredients: water, mct oil, panthenol, olive (emulsifier extracted from olive oil), mowrah butter, glycerin, bisabolol, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, laurel oil, vitamin E, preservative accepted in natural cosmetics, xanthan, lactic acid, chamomile essential oil.

What else do you know?
Preserved in a way accepted for natural cosmetics

It hydrates effectively with a fluid content of around 75%

It consists of natural ingredients



Handmade product

In a recyclable jar

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60 ml, 120 ml


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