Luffa Natural Vegetal Sponge


The loofah sponge is a natural product indicated for hygiene and personal cosmetics.

It has beneficial effects such as:

✹ Stimulating blood circulation

✹ Natural scrub

✹ Prevents cellulite

Diameter 20-25 cm. Origin: own production of Esponjas Marinas, Málaga, Spain.

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This loofah is used mainly to reactivate blood circulation and as a natural exfoliator.

The Lufa or Luffa is a climbing plant (curcubitácea) that grows in tropical countries. Its fruit, in the shape of a large zucchini, is made up of a dense network of fibers, which gives this vegetable special characteristics for cleaning and caring for the skin.

When dry, the loofah is rough to the touch; when moistened it softens and becomes an excellent product for revitalizing the skin.

The loofah is a natural product, 100% biodegradable.

It can also be used for household cleaning and for washing dishes.

Recommendations for use:

Rinse well with water to remove all excess soap.

Let it dry in the air, preferably hanging.

Not recommended for sensitive or irritated skin.


Manufacturer: Esponja Marina, Málaga, Spain


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