Marigold Shea Butter With Wild Rose Oil And Rose Wax


Regenerating, protective ointment for dry, exfoliating, sensitive, brittle, mature, lifeless skin that does not contain water, only pure vegetable oils, making the ointment VEGAN.

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For anti-inflammatory shea butter, it is mixed skin rejuvenating calendula oil, which Eletvirag made herself from fresh calendula and fractionated coconut oil. To this it is added anti-wrinkle, moisturizing wild rose oil, which is squeezed from the rose hips. It is thickened it with rose wax, which gives the ointment a magical, warm rose scent and a delicate protective layer on the skin. It is also smelled it with natural perfume, so it got a fresh greenish, floral, warm scent. Vitamin E helps to start the natural rancidification process of oils as late as possible.
Its texture is soft, slightly liquid at room temperature, with a foamed ointment, and does not freeze unmanageable even in the cold. It is easy to apply, leaves a slight shine on the skin for a short time because it is quickly absorbed. The soft creamy floral scent lasts for a long time

Why is it good for you?

You can apply it to your face, your feet, your abdomen, your tense tummy, your dry hands, your hardened heels. You will love your skin everywhere.

Rose wax gently protects your skin from the cold, marigold heals microbes, wild rose oil rebuilds, jojoba oil softens your skin. And the scent of fresh, rosy lightens your soul.

It is recommended for use on wet or damp skin on a regular basis. You can apply it to dry skin occasionally, of course, but in the long run you can preserve the moisture content of your skin by using only cosmetics containing oils, for example, by using it immediately after bathing. It’s also enough to “towel dry” your skin.🙂

Recommended for dry, peeling, sensitive, fragile, mature, lifeless skin, as well as for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks, scars and skin imperfections. It can only be applied to wounds when healed. Take a skin test in front of him!

What is it made of?

Ingredients: shea butter, fractionated coconut oil, contains the active ingredients of marigold, wild rose oil, jojoba oil, rose wax, natural perfume, vitamin E.



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60 ml, 120 ml


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