Nourishing Cream With Phytoprogesterone And Organ Scent


Nourishing, thicker cream made with herbal progesterone specifically for ladies. Its scent is given by a mixture of natural essential oils, reminiscent of the scent of lilac. It softens dry, tired facial skin, softens the skin of the hands and is suitable for skin care of any part of the body. It nourishes the deeper layers with macadamia nuts and hemp seed oil, rebuilds the structure of the skin from the inside with panthenol and bisabolol, helping to soothe problematic skin. Yam root extract helps to reduce the inflexibility and staining caused by lowering progesterone levels. A lotion-like cream with a thicker texture, yet it is easily absorbed, making the skin soft and fragrant.
Available in a 60ml glass jar.

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Why is it good for you?
The first oil ingredient is the light-textured, nourishing macadamia nut oil. It has a good effect on restoring the health of the skin. It is recognized for its results in alleviating stretch marks, pregnancy streaks, skin cracks, scars, and restoring the structure of degraded skin. It is permeable, easily absorbed and leaves no greasy marks. It reduces skin irritation and is a care oil for all skin types, but is especially effective in treating aging, tired, wrinkled and problematic skin.

Another oil ingredient, hemp seed oil, like the above oil, also contributes to the healthy functioning of the hydrolipid layer of the skin. It is called dry oil, which is absorbed very easily and quickly. It tightens the skin, reduces irritation and slows down skin aging.

An additional strength of the cream is the presence of the maximum amount of panthenol, a precursor to vitamin B, which, once in contact with the skin, is rapidly converted to pantothenic acid, which plays an important role in the activity of cells and tissues. With it, we can promote wound healing, accelerate skin regeneration, in addition to improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation.

Contains soothing chamomile oil extract (bisabolol). A special essence of the chamomile flower that concentrates the most important healing effects of the queen of herbs. It reduces irritation, inflammation, allergic redness, but even has microbicidal properties. Bisabolol also helps to deliver certain molecules to the deeper layers of the skin, so it also supports the absorption of other active ingredients. It is effective in healing inflamed, eczematous, acne prone skin. Also suitable for babies and sensitive skin. An excellent antioxidant, it naturally strengthens the skin’s protection against harmful environmental effects.

Yet its most important active ingredient is Yam root extract, which helps to balance female hormones with its phytoprogesterone content. It is an effective anti-aging product, it helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Its potential depigmenting effect is being studied. In addition to plant steroids, it also contains flanonoids, phytosterols, vitamins B and C, beta carotene and minerals.

It is in a glass jar with a plastic top that can be reused.

What is it made of?
Ingredients: water, macadamia nut oil, hemp seed oil, olive (emulsifier extracted from olive oil), panthenol, shea butter, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, bisabolol, Yam root extract, organ scented perfume *, stearic acid, vitamin E, xanthan, accepted in natural cosmetics .
*: essential oil blend of natural ingredients

What else to know?
Preserved in a way accepted for natural cosmetics

It hydrates effectively with a fluid content of around 65%

It consists of natural ingredients


Made in Hungary by Életvirág.

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60 ml, 120 ml


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