Organic Italian White Wine Vinegar – Multipurpose


Spirit vinegar taste and aroma differ to wine vinegars for intensity and flavor, this kind of vinegar is extremely versatile: from groceries usage to the many possibilities suggested by long-established practices and traditions. It can also be used for food and cooking.

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The Andrea Milano vinegar factory produces wine vinegar since 1889. Wine vinegar both white and red are the cornerstone of the company production. Smells, aroma and tradition combine themselves in a tasty celebration.

White vinegar is a multipurpose natural ingredient to make your DIY recipes for household, laundry, hair care, removing the smell of pets at home, washable baby nappies, liners, etc.


Made in Italy

Natural wine fermentation

Recommended on raw legumes and salads

100% natural spirit vinegar


To sterilize, remove limescale and polish surfaces

Without: Totally chemical additives free

Manufacturer: Aceto Andrea Milano



In the kitchen, white wine vinegar can prove to be a precious source, and not just for cooking: thanks to acetic acid, it is a marvel for removing or attenuating odors. Let’s see how it can be used effectively in the kitchen:

  • excellent for washing and disinfecting vegetables, in combination with water;
  • removes the onion smell from the hands;
  • added to the boiling water of the eggs, it ensures that, if the shell is broken, the egg won’t leak;
  • added to the boiling water of broccoli, savoy cabbage or cabbage, it helps to reduce intestinal swelling that these vegetables can cause;
  • boiled in water together with broccoli or other vegetables, it neutralizes the odor produced;
  • effective repellent against ants that can infest the kitchen: just moisten a cotton pad with white vinegar and place it in a place frequented by insects.

Kitchen objects and appliances also need cleaning and disinfection, and once again white vinegar is the solution.

  • Ideal for deodorising and sanitizing the refrigerator in a natural and non-invasive way.
  • Eliminates limescale from glasses and dishes (and in the shower), and is also useful in the dishwasher.
  • Cleans and removes odours from the microwave, just boil half a glass of water with 5 tablespoons of vinegar for a couple of minutes, then wipe the walls with a cloth: the oven will be as good as new.
  • A winning solution also for cleaning the filters of the coffee maker: pour water and white vinegar into the tank, close the moka and light the fire – just like making coffee, but without the coffee!
  • Effective for disinfecting kitchen towels, soak them in hot water and white vinegar for 30 minutes; then rinsed them off with your usual detergent.

    White wine vinegar is extraordinary as well for cleaning and disinfecting objects and spaces throughout the house. Let’s see how it can help us in house cleaning:

    • it is effective against the oxidation of objects, just leave them immersed in vinegar for about two days, waiting for the oxide to lose strength, after which you will be able to eliminate oxidation more easily;
    • glass objects (such as bottles or windows) and metal objects can be polished (for these it is advisable to use white vinegar combined with sodium bicarbonate);
    • used instead of the common detergent (about 200ml), it disinfects and deodorizes the washing machine after only one half-load cycle;
    • combined with essential oils, it is excellent for keeping parquet clean and shiny; and if the parquet or your furniture is a little “dull” and damaged by signs (scratches, halos, stains), try to rub them with a cotton cloth moistened with vinegar: they will regain their luster and the marks will be less visible;
    • whitens and cleans the joints between the tiles;
    • sprayed on a soft cloth it helps to clean CDs and DVDs;
    • perfect for removing stains from fabrics before washing (also effective on urine stains).

    WARNING: white wine vinegar can be used in a multitude of situations, but the only thing you should never do is mix it with bleach or ammonia: the result could be very dangerous for both the skin and the lungs.



    If we move out of the house, white vinegar can still come in handy:

    • it is perfect for removing old stickers from the car body (spray the vinegar and leave it for a few hours before rubbing off the adhesive), or to avoid the formation of ice on the windshield;
    • eliminates weeds from crevices in pavements;
    • a sponge soaked in white vinegar helps to keep cats away;
    • added with a spoonful of sugar to the water in the vases, it will make cut flowers live longer;
    • a sure-fire solution to remove the smell of cat pee from fabrics and environments.

    If we have pets such as cats or dogs, we can use white vinegar to clean their ears with a natural product, preferably organic, avoiding discomfort and itching. By spraying a vinegar solution near furniture, sofas or other, cats will be taught not to approach.

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