Pumice Stone for Feet Care


Natural product, special for the care and beauty of the feet.

Its texture is ideal for:

✹ Exfoliation

✹ Removal of corns and roughness

Origin: Greek archipelago.


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Pumice stone is a 100% natural product, grayish in color, porous and rough, which is formed from the foam of certain lavas.


It is used in different fields not only in cosmetics.


As it has a porous surface, pumice stone is very suitable for the care and health of the skin, especially that of the feet.


Its texture allows the removal of dead skin, roughness and calluses from the feet, without being aggressive or producing too much abrasion.

Recommendations for use

The feet should be soaked in lukewarm water before using the pumice stone.

You can use a natural soap and, in the water, rub the areas to be treated with gentle and circular movements.

It is advisable to use the stone about two or three times a week, depending on the condition and need of the feet.

Manufacturer: Esponja Marina, Málaga, Spain


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