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Because important things have to be protected as they deserve

Take care and protect your razor! Take care and protect the animal world!

Brand: Banbu (Spain)
Made in the EU

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If you have gone back to the classic to shave, you have chosen the most important thing, a good razor. At Banbu we offer you its perfect complement ; A Vegan leather cover for you to protect it while caring for and protecting the animal world.

Whether you have chosen one of ours or not, our vegetable leather cover for classic razors is a great alternative to plastic covers and their harmful environmental impact. Also, if you are one of the people who respects the animal world the most, it is the perfect option because our covers are 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% vegan.

For you, who know how to take care of what is most important .

Banbu razor sheaths are made with a blend of organic cotton, rubber and natural dyes, with which we achieve a material similar to skin in terms of its finish, texture and properties, but respectful of the animal world. .

This plant material offers excellent resistance , durability and softness properties that will keep your razor protected from bumps and scratches, wherever you take it.

Our vegetable leather is a very light, waterproof and washable material, dyed with natural dyes, making it a fabric free of toxins, chemicals and polluting products that, in addition to protecting the animal world, protects the environment.

The Banbu razor covers have measurements that are perfectly adapted to the standard size of most classic razors, so that there is neither over, nor lack of space and your razor is perfectly protected.

Also, what about its design? Its elegance and simplicity is total!

Our white sleeve with its contrasting black clasp exudes modernity and elegance at the same time. The double stitched in sight and our logo engraved on the fabric itself, give it that special artisan air.

This cover is the ideal complement with which you can show off the style that characterizes you: natural, ecological and above all respectful of what matters most; the aminal world.

So you already know…

If plastics no longer fit into your lifestyle and you are committed to respecting animals, this cover is what you need.

 Your razor and the environment will thank you!






Leather cases

White case for classic razors, made of 100% cotton vegetable leather and natural rubber, designed to be used as an alternative to plastic covers and animal skin covers.

Very resistant, soft, light and washable cover, with a black stainless steel snap closure.

Fabric dyed with a natural dye and finished with double stitching for greater durability.

The size of the sheath is appropriate to fit most safety blades.

Product free of chemical dyes. 100% biodegradable. 100% cruelty fre






Pakaging ?, DOES NOT HAVE The cover itself, it is the packaging itself!

Anyway, do not worry, we will send it to you in the best conditions so that you receive it perfect. 😉






Banbu razor covers are made of vegetable leather or “treetap” based on cotton fabric, rubber and natural dye.

Vegetable leather is made by mixing latex or rubber, obtained from the sap of some trees, with natural dyes, and smearing it on a tight cotton cloth. It is a very old technique typical of the communities of the Amazon rainforest that have been doing it by hand for years. Now it is known by its trade name “Treetap” and is widely accepted for being lightweight, waterproof, washable and very resistant.

The Banbu covers are made by means of two pieces of this fabric joined by a strong double stitching with cotton thread.

The closure is stainless steel click type 0 in black






Due to the characteristics of the fabric, its maintenance is very simple, however, we recommend:

  • Clean with a slightly damp soft cloth and then dry.
  • Do not use washing machine
  • Dry the razor well before storing it in the case.




Useful life


The Banbu razor cover is durable, since both the fabric and the stitching are of good quality, likewise, the clasp of the closure is strong, which does not give way easily.

Even so, its duration will depend on its correct maintenance, and its particular mode of use.

If you take care of it, you have a cover for a while!






This fabric is completely natural

But remember; Before you throw, think, what if I give them a new life?

Whenever you can, reuse. 😉

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