Refill Organic Dental Floss


Reusable and vegan corn floss and candelilla wax.

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Substitute of

Silk or plastic dental floss in disposable container.



The dental floss is made from corn, and is covered with candelilla wax.


Instructions for use and useful life

How to use. Regarding its use, you will not notice differences to the conventional thread. Simply slide it between your teeth for proper cleaning.

Useful life. Depending on the frequency and amount of use.



How could it be otherwise, according to our Zero Waste commitment , our dental floss is presented in a 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard container . So that they always arrive in perfect condition! In addition, the glass bottle that contains the dental floss can be used again and again. !

Dental floss can be disposed of in industrial composting

The carton always in the blue container.

But remember; Before you throw, think, what if I give them a new life?

Whenever you can, reuse. 😉


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