Rose Hibiscus Body Butter



This body loving skin softener will be your daily obsession. First of all Shea butter. Second, Almond oil, Cupuacu butter, Rose extract, Hibiscus extract, Red Grape extract, Vitamin E . Third, all these key ingredients blended together!

Plus an added bonus: Coconut oil on top that forms a barrier to really help lock in moisture. This ultra concentrated cream penetrates deep to give your body that long-lasting nourishment it needs. A do-it-all, good for everything from your elbows to cuticles and even your hair, leaving you with a luscious, velvety texture that is simply stunning!




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Ylang – Ylang, Bergamot, Jasmin


Use: After you’ve finished bathing, pat dry but not completely; leave a little moisture on your skin. Apply a bit of body butter directly to your skin – don’t use too

much or your skin could get greasy. Rub it in gently using firm, broad strokes, until the body butter is fully absorbed. For the hair it is suggested to apply a small

amount at the ends and work with your fingers to spread the butter all the way up to the roots. Gently massage the scalp and hair and leave it on for as long as

you need, depending on how dry or damaged the hair is. It can be combined with our Camelia body oil for enhanced results. Important: Use as a rinse


Expiration: 24 months after production date.
Due to natural ingredients, color of oil may vary.



Helichrysum: age-reversing capabilities and healing factors packaged in a delightful, bright flower. Within the essential oil, flavonoids, ketones, and terpenes exhibit strong effects,  that have been researched and are convincing, that it’s no wonder, Helichrysum (also called “immortelle” )– the fountain of youth was an antioxidant-rich, essential-oil filled flower all along! Helichrysum has substantial antimicrobial activity, combined with anti-inflammatory action. But Helichrysum’s near legendary effects are found in its anti-aging capabilities.  Anti-aging is a whole process, and any process can be slowed or reversed, regardless of what the calendar says. The key, almost undoubtedly, lies in the combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities of the plant and oil, with Helichrysum being found as one of seventeen essential oils that remain highly active antioxidants even at lower concentrations. Oxidative stress is a major component of aging. The very definition of oxidative stress is cellular breakdown, with free radicals wreaking havoc on tissues – hence the loss of collagen, stiffness and aches and pains, and so on. When the body can produce enough antioxidants and is supported via dietary and supplemental antioxidants, not only is the breakdown stopped in its tracks, but the cells themselves can actually be repaired and restored.  Helichrysum as a whole herb remedy is one such antioxidant, and the essential oil blends stress relieving ability with antioxidant capability and anti-inflammatory strength to provide just what the skin needs to begin to repair years of damage!

Sea Buckthorn oil: The richest natural source of Beta Carotene available. Beta Carotene is a natural form of Vitamin A that penetrates deeply into the skin to restore and revitalize from within.

Linseed oil: a blue flowering plant known as one of the worlds most cultivated superfoods. While rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), flaxseed contains up to 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil which help in keeping the skin tone even. The omega-3 protein found in flaxseed oil smooths the appearance of wrinkles by helping to repair skin cells making them more firm and elastic, with improved texture and tone. The essential fatty acids (EFA) as Omega-3 inhibit the compounds in the body that cause inflammation. Another benefit of flaxseed oil is that it moisturizes your skin and hydrates it from within. The essential fatty acids in flaxseed oil smoothens your skin’s appearance and makes it super soft. Flaxseed oil helps in unclogging the pores.

Meadowfoam seed oil: an oil with superb anti-oxidant properties and skin softening benefits. Thanks to the long chain fatty acid structure of Meadowfoam Seed Oil it delivers good barrier formation and helps to lock in skin’s natural moisture to help prevent dryness and soften the skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a waxy oil (similar to Jojoba ) but so superior as an anti-oxidant that it helps to extend the life of the other oils in the formula.


Manufacturer: E&A Pure Beauty, Greece


*the bottle of the image is not the real packaging we use in Mimbre. See description of the size variations to know more.

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60 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml


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