Sea Sponge for Bath Natural Honey Comb


The Honey Comb sponge is characterized by having more open pores, by absorbing less water and producing more foam than the Silk type sponge.

✹ Very soft

✹ Free of toxins

✹ Hypoallergenic

Diameter 13-14cm


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The Honey Comb sponge is characterized by being a natural, very soft and hypoallergenic product.

Unlike the Silk type, it has more open pores, absorbs less water and produces more lather.

It is a sponge of high quality and great durability.

They do not present problems of mold, fungi and bacteria and are completely free of toxins.

Recommendations for use

Before use, it is advisable to rinse the sponge as it may contain marine debris.

At the end of the bath, rinse with plenty of water until the soap is completely removed.

Let the sponge dry in contact with air.

Do not clean the sponge with detergents, do not twist them and do not boil them.


Manufacturer: Esponja Marina, Málaga, Spain


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