Sea Sponge for Face and Babies


Extra-soft natural sponges that provide all the care our face requires.

They are especially suitable for:

✹ Hypoallergenic

✹ Great durability and softness

✹ Deep cleanse the skin

✹ Gentle exfoliation

✹ Remove make-up

Diameter 6-7cm

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These natural sponges, due to their size and softness, are especially suitable for facial care and babies.

You can use them to:

✹ Face and neck massage, stimulating skin cells and circulation

✹ Gentle bathing for babies

✹ Cleaning and exfoliation of the skin

✹ Application of facials and moisturizers

✹ Application and removal of cosmetics

For greater care and protection of facial skin, the use of a neutral pH soap made with organic products is recommended.

Recommendations for use

Before use, it is advisable to rinse the sponge as it may contain marine debris.

At the end of use, rinse with plenty of water until the soap is completely removed.

Let dry in contact with air.

Manufacturer: Esponja Marina, Málaga, Spain


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