Sharp razor with butterfly opening


You like things as they are. The classic. What makes you feel good and gives you those little moments of happiness. Something as simple as mounting your razor and listening to the sound of each stroke with the soap against your skin.

Hurra! for those who do not conform! You are looking for a practical reusable razor that allows you to shave without unnecessary rolls. Sharp , with its minimalist aesthetic, is what you are looking for.


Brand: Banbu (Spain)
Made in the EU

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There are things that do not go out of style. This is the case with classic shaving, which raises so many passions. The combination of the shaving soap , the brush and your Sharp uf reusable razor , what a moment! 

Your shaving routine becomes an explosion of aromas and sensations. Self-care is not a question of gender: we all deserve moments of peace!

Sharp is a very practical razor due to its butterfly opening. It doesn’t take long to get it ready! It is the perfect razor for those who do not want to complicate their life or have not had any previous contact with this type of shave.

About 2 billion disposable blades are thrown away each year and cannot be recycled. It’s a barbarity! Sharp is made entirely of stainless steel that can be easily recycled. In addition, it does not wear out or rust.

Reusable razors shouldn’t be a whim, but an investment for the planet and your pocket! Best of all, they last a lifetime. Once you get one of them, you just have to buy the razor blades. Everything. A. Plum.

If you are one of those people who demand a good shave, you will love Sharp. It has enviable precision and incredible grip (even when wet) that make your shaving routine so special. Sharp is for all skin types, you just have to choose the right blades!

ATTENTION: it does not include razor blades because each skin is different. Choose the ones that best suit you and… enjoy!


Instructions for use and useful life


You may already have experience in shaving, but it never hurts to remember it. Shaving with Sharp is as easy as with any disposable, you just have to get the hang of it. I assure you that you will not go back to the conventional ones!

  1. Open the upper part with the help of the thread under the head and insert the blade.
  2. Prepare your skin with warm water and marinate with the help of a brush , if possible. If your skin is especially sensitive, you can apply a hot towel for a few minutes to open the pores and soften the hair. Comfortable and easy!
  3. With soft, short strokes, slide the razor loosely over the area you want to shave or pluck. Much better if you help yourself with the other hand to tighten the skin.
  4. Remove the razor blade, rinse each part of the razor well, and let it dry on your natural stone stand .
  5. Apply aftershave as usual and… enjoy hair-free skin!
  6. Once the razor is dry, you can store it in its home par excellence: the vegan cover .

Before its first use, it is recommended to wash it with water and neutral soap. Much better if it is with your hands, so as not to damage the material.




The Sharp razor should last a lifetime. If, for some reason, you had to discard it … make sure you have lengthened its life as long as possible! If you can’t come up with ideas, ask any child and be amazed by their imagination.

If you have no other choice, the right place to recycle the razor would be the clean point, where 100% of the razor is used for future materials

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