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The BANBU shaving kit combines the feel of a classic shave with a fresh aesthetic and a minimalist touch.

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A good classic shave is a true ritual. Don’t skip any steps!

Prepare and take care of your skin, also taking care of your environment!

The BANBU shaving kit combines the feeling of a classic shave, with a renewed aesthetic, with a minimal touch. It is composed of:

Razor with handle and head made of high quality solid stainless steel coated in matt black. It is a safety razor with a three-piece head and closed comb, to achieve a perfect shave without cuts.
Shaving brush made with natural colored synthetic fibers, which both aesthetically and in use simulate real badger hair, but free of animal cruelty. It will be hard for you to see the difference!
Pack of 5 blades
If you prefer a better shave, a better finish and a better planet… go ahead and get the classic back…, because there are things that should never change!

You will not regret!


Badger / Horse Hair Brushes and Plastic Disposable Razors

Every year 2 billion disposable razor blades are consumed in the world. These are not recycled, there is currently no recycling system for them. So they are thrown into the waste container, ending up in the best of cases in landfills, from where they will never disappear.

Get rid of this evil! Your pocketbook and the planet will thank you for it.


The body of the brush is made of high-quality stainless steel and the hair of the brush is made with kanekalon, a very good quality synthetic hair that is usually used in the manufacture of high-end wigs, due to its density, for its softness and because it almost perfectly imitates natural badger hair, considered the best hair for shaving brushes.However, in accordance with our vegan philosophy and our cuelty free commitment, we have opted for this artificial material that, in addition, is more hygienic, since natural hair is more prone to developing fungi and bacteria, in contact with moisture.

Our Rebel razor is made entirely of stainless steel. Stainless steel gives the piece very good properties of resistance to corrosion and wear, while making the razor light and very handy.

Instructions for use and useful life

How to shave correctly with a classic razor?

Shaving the classic way is as easy and safe as with disposable blades. It is a matter of holding his hand:

To place the blade, you have to unscrew the head to release the upper protection. Once the cover is removed, the blade is placed in its place and the protection is put back on, screwing in the opposite direction to releasing it. It is important to make sure that everything has been correctly positioned and adjusted.
As for any shave, it is advisable to prepare the skin. You can do it as usual; with warm water and by applying shaving cream or simple soap, or if you want an extra preparation, you can apply a hot towel for a few minutes to open the pores and soften the hair more. This will give you a more comfortable and efficient shave.
Begin shaving as usual. Gently and always in favor of hair growth. You can help with the other hand to keep the skin taut and the blade to slide better.
Glide the blade very gently and never apply pressure against the skin. A light touch is enough to cut the hair. You will get the measure right away!
Shave in short strokes, not wanting to cover too much at once. Make a single pass over a small portion of your skin, lift the razor and rest it on the next portion.
Rinse the blade often, every two to three passes.
To finish, rinse with cold water to close the pores and refresh the skin, and apply if you want the aftershave as usual.
How to use the brush?

Nothing easier and more comfortable:

Wet your face with lukewarm water. Also, if you want extra care, you can apply a hot towel for a few minutes. (Sometimes there is no time, but we suggest you do it from time to time.)
Also wet the brush in warm water, and add a little product (a little is enough). In the event that you use shaving soap; Begin to rub in circles on the soap until it lather (you should rub for about 1 minute to get the proper lather.
Brush the area to be shaved, using circular motions and generously, until the area is covered with foam and you are ready to start shaving.
How to take care of your razor?

Due to the characteristics of the materials from which our Old School is made, its maintenance is very simple, even so, we recommend the following care:

Wash lightly with soap and water before the first use without using aggressive products, to remove any traces of manufacturing dust.
After use, it is enough to rinse them under the tap, until they are well clean of hair and product.
Wipe dry or allow to dry before storing.
It is not necessary to remove the blade each time it is used. Only when it is worn will it be when it does not cut well.
Avoid falls from elevated places

How to take care of the brush?

Due to the characteristics of the materials from which this brush is made, its maintenance is very simple, even so, we recommend the following care:

Wash with soap and water before the first use, without using aggressive products or detergents, to remove any traces of manufacturing dust.
After shaving, remember to rinse the brush thoroughly, dry it carefully with a towel, shake it off, and let it finish air drying, preferably bristles down on a brush holder. Your own kit holder is ideal!
Useful life. Brushes and razors are a very durable product. If you treat them well they will last you a lifetime in good condition

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