Silicone Swabs – Ears


Reusable swabs for cleaning the ears. Contains two reusable swabs.

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Complete description

Plastic swabs

Plastic swabs have a life of just minutes, and take 300 years to degrade. These small utensils are one of the most common waste found in the seas.

Switch to reusable cotton buds and take care of the planet!



The swab is made from medical silicone and recycled plastic.  


Instructions for use and useful life

How to use

Silicone swabs are used in the same way as disposable ones. Making a few small turns, we introduce it in the external area of ​​the ear to remove the wax.

After use, clean them gently with mild soap and water. And they will be ready for your next use!

Useful life

Swabs can last for years with good use and maintenance.



How could it be otherwise, according to our Zero Waste commitment , our reusable swabs are presented in 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging . So that they always arrive in perfect condition!

At Banbú we like to take care of all the details, that is why, in addition to sustainable packaging, we have designed the reusable swab boxes based on the minimalist details that represent us.


In the carton it can be deposited in the blue container. In the case of the swab, all the black parts are 100% recyclable in the yellow container. While the silicone should be deposited in the gray container.

But remember; Before you throw, think, what if I give them a new life?

Whenever you can, reuse. 😉


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