Solid Cosmetic Cork Box


Happy solids? Happy planet!

“The pill didn’t last me at all!” You can pass. The first rule of sustainability is to extend the life of the products we consume as much as possible. Yes, from cosmetics too. It is good for the environment, your pocket and your peace of mind.

Taking care of solid cosmetics is easy if you preserve it well after the dip. You let it dry a bit and … back home! The cork box is a very cozy, safe and airy place in which your solid cosmetics will enjoy their moments of rest, even when traveling.

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We believe that cork is the best material to protect your organic solid cosmetics. Did you know that it is antifungal, long-lasting and protects it from microorganisms? Well, there is even more: it lets it breathe enough, but always perspiring from the top, without damaging your furniture. 

We like it because it is 100% hygienic, very light and fits perfectly in any suitcase (you suddenly want to travel!). It is resistant, biodegradable and renewable. In addition, its minimalist design adorns any corner while taking care of your solids.

The perfect alternative to conventional plastic soap dishes or boxes!

You can be sure that your solids are safe: it is manufactured in such a way that the lid makes enough pressure so that it does not open. Cork makes it easy for us: it is a material that does not dislodge or loosen!

The cork box is made from the cork oak and, how could it be otherwise, in a respectful way. From its obtaining to its manufacture. This is how we do it:

The cork is extracted without damaging the cork tree every nine years. Thus, it is easily detached and the cork oak can continue to produce throughout its life, which is usually around 300 years (yes, wow!).

When it comes to our hands, we care about generating the least possible impact. To avoid damaging the cork or introducing unnecessary chemicals, we etch the brand’s name on the top cap and… ready to enjoy!

Thus, we manage to create a practical product for you and for the planet, as well as minimalist and elegant. At BANBU we take into account its environmental impact, but we are also in favor of creating beauty around us that brings peace and happiness.

How to use

Hou already know how to use this 100% compostable, renewable and biodegradable cork box. But, if you have doubts, here are the indications:

  • Let your cosmetics dry for a while.
  • Put it in the box with great care.
  • Close the lid.
  • Put it in the suitcase. *
  • All ready for that long-awaited trip! *

* Optional, although recommended at least once or twice a year.

Before its first use, it is advisable to wash it with water and neutral soap. Much better if it is with your hands, so as not to damage the material.


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