Sport Lip Plug


Universal sport lip to make its use much more comfortable in moments of activity (gym, riding a bicycle …). It is suitable for any wide-mouth bottle on the market and also has an anti-drip system.

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Plastic or aluminum water bottles

In Spain 3.8 billion plastic bottles are consumed per year, an overwhelming figure. But, this is not just a matter of “concern” for the environment. Plastic bottles are not safe for health, and their reuse can contribute to the appearance of serious diseases, mainly related to hormonal alterations.

There are also doubts about the safety of the famous aluminum canteens that are used for the camps, whose use is very common for children. Aluminum is a material, the use of which is increasingly questioned every day. Although the migration of aluminum salts to food is low, it is increasingly common to see studies that link it to diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. VERY IMPORTANT! Avoid its use in ovens and long-term contact with acids and foods rich in salts.

Material:BPA free plastic

Before its first use . Cleaning is recommended prior to its first use with soap and water.

Maintenance . Clean with water and neutral soap periodically, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

Useful life. Lifetime.

Recyclable, in the yellow container


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