Wooden shaving brush


Our WOOD Banbu brush is, in addition to being more natural, light and very comfortable to use. It is the perfect match to our Old School razor. Together, plus its precious chrome-plated steel support, they form a practical kit that will provide you with everything you need to enjoy a good classic shave, while giving your bathroom that touch of elegance and naturalness so special.

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Replace for: Badger / horse hair brushes and disposable plastic razors.

Every year, 2 billion disposable razor blades are consumed in the world . These are not recycled, there is currently no recycling system for them. So they are thrown into the waste container, ending up in the best of cases in landfills, from where they will never disappear.

Get rid of this evil! Your pocketbook and the planet will thank you for it.



The body of our Wood brush is made of a combination of Paulownia wood and top quality stainless steel, which gives it great characteristics in terms of resistance, durability and lightness.

The wood Paulownia , also known as  kiri , is a material that over time has been gaining in popularity thanks to its unique features. Of Chinese origin, it has been spread throughout Asia for centuries, where it is well known and used.

Not only the wood is used from this tree, the flowers and leaves also have uses. It is a fast-growing tree  , like bamboo , widely used for reforestation in areas where there is a risk of soil erosion. In 10 years they can reach fifteen meters in height. When they are felled, the roots are spared and the tree grows back much more quickly. This is one of the reasons why it is also known as the ” phoenix tree “

The Paulownia is a light colored wood like ash, but thinner and softer grain, and noted for its high resistance to moisture and putrefaction, as well as its stability as it does not deform when dry.

The hair of the brush is made with kanekalon , a very good quality synthetic hair that is usually used in the manufacture of high-end wigs, due to its density, its softness and because it almost perfectly imitates natural badger hair. , considered the best hair for shaving brushes.

However, in accordance with our vegan philosophy and our cruelty free commitment, we have opted for this artificial material, which is also more hygienic, since natural hair is more prone to developing fungi and bacteria in contact with moisture.

Instructions for use and useful life


How to use the brush?

Nothing easier and more comfortable:

  1. Wet your face with lukewarm water. Also, if you want extra care, you can apply a hot towel for a few minutes. (Sometimes there is no time, but we suggest you do it from time to time.)
  2. Also dip the brush in warm water, and add a little product (a little is enough). In the event that you use shaving soap; Start scrubbing the soap in circles until it lather (you should scrub for about 1 minute to get the right lather.
  3. Brush the area to be shaved, using circular motions and generously, until the area is covered with foam and you are ready to start shaving.

How to take care of the brush?

Due to the characteristics of the materials from which this brush is made, its maintenance is very simple, even so, we recommend the following care:

  • Wash with soap and water before the first use, without using aggressive products or detergents, to remove any traces of manufacturing dust.
  • After shaving, remember to rinse the brush thoroughly, dry it carefully with a towel, shake it off, and let it finish air drying, preferably bristles down on a brush holder. Your own kit holder is ideal!

Useful life. Shaving brushes are a very durable product. If you treat them well they will last you a lifetime in good condition



How could it be otherwise, in accordance with our Zero Waste commitment , our entire Banbu shaving range is presented in 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging . So that they always arrive in perfect condition!

At Banbu  we like to take care of all the details, that is why, in addition to sustainable packaging, we have designed the boxes of our shaving range according to the vintage elegance that our pieces have, making these items a fantastic option also as a gift.

Like all our packaging, the boxes of our razors and brushes convey personality, commitment and simplicity, aspects that are consistent with our philosophy and our way of life. And, sure, yours too!



Both wood and steel are fully recyclable materials.

Separating the pieces: the wood can be disposed of in the organic container, and the steel in a clean point.

The carton always to the blue container.

But remember; Before you throw, think, what if I give them a new life?

Whenever you can, reuse. 😉


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